P1 Select Your Character(s)

Hi all and welcome back,

So, it’s been a couple of days since my previous post (that’s the problem with having a job, kids and GAMES, GAMES and more GAMES to play) but here we are.

Anyway, as you know I have been looking at vegetables and have finally come up with a list of possible veg to use as characters. It did slightly adapt from the list in the previous post but is not a million miles off, this list was then given to a group of people who had to select seven of them to be developed into game characters. The Below PDF shows the complete list and the final 7 characters.

Vegetrouble Character Survey 001


The final chosen characters are…

Peas in a Pod


My Design Process

Here is the final visual of my design process that was discussed in my previous post. Hope this helps you to understand all the required stages it takes to see any project through to completion.

Paul Starkey's Design Process
Paul Starkey’s Design Process

Vegetable + Trouble = Vegetrouble

So, whats this all about then?

Vegetroubles inception came from a GameJam event back when I was a student in 2010 – 2011. Myself and some of my peers decided to enter a GameJam competition that was run by Hull Uni. We where to draw 3 things from a hat (Three thing game competition), then come up with a game concept from them and build it. We drew the words… Holiday, Vegetable and ……………. Zombie! And so, Vegetrouble was born, a 2D side scrolling beat ’em up game. The initial idea/story we came up with was that zombified vegetables where taking over the world and you had to thwart their attempts. We implemented a character select, allowing you to choose from a range of non-zombie infected veg, you would then travel the globe to well-known holiday destinations and kill the zombie veg roaming these locations. Simple eh?

Now I’ve had a rethink and wanted to address this as a new project. My current concept is somewhat similar but has a lot of differences. This is now a 3D top down isometric game where you are to stop the zombie veg infection by hitting them on their heads (planting them back in the ground to be fertilised into healthy veg) before they infect the rest of the vegetable population. This is so that you can save the lovable animal characters (bunny, pig, goat, etc) from starving.